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What is the main job of the legislative branch?
a) To make laws
b) To break laws
c) To interpret laws
d) To enforce laws

Which branch of the government does the Supreme Court belong to?
a) Legislative branch
b) Tree branch
c) Judicial branch
d) Executive branch

What is the biggest level of government?
a) Local government
b) City government
c) National/Federal government
d) State government

What does veto mean?
a) A peace agreement between two nations.
b) To postponse or cancel a decision.
c) Something that goes against the constitution.
d) To fire a president.

How many representatives does Michigan have?
a) 14
b) 2
c) 52
d) 9

What is one way the legislative branch checks the executive branch?
a) They can veto a bill.
b) They can make laws.
c) They can declare a law unconstitutional.
d) They can impeach the President.

What is the main role of the Judicial branch?
a) To impeach the president.
b) To interpret laws.
c) To make laws.
d) To enforce laws.

What does the word treaty mean?
a) An agreement between two groups or nations.
b) Something that goes against the Constitution.
c) The amount of money for a given situation.
d) Firing the President.

What does checks and balances mean in terms of government?
a) One branch has to get approval from another branch or branches.
b) All of the above.
c) The branches have different jobs but also work together.
d) None of the branches are more powerful than the others.

What is the purpose of a government?
a) To keep its citizens safe.
b) All of the above
c) To provide services for its citizens.
d) To keep order.

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