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Which of these proves that photosynthesis involves a chemical change?
a) A Survival of trees depends on water
b) B Green color of plant leaves
c) C Burning of wood
d) D The fact that carbon dioxide forms other molecules

Two liquids of the same temperature are mixed in an open beaker to produce one liquid that has escaping gas bubbles. The gas produced is evidence of what event?
a) A Phase change
b) B Solution formation
c) C Chemical reaction
d) D Mixture separation

A teacher brings a child’s wagon to school for students to observe. The wagon is made mostly of iron. Some areas on the wagon are shiny, red, and smooth, while other areas while other areas are rusted, orange and rough. What caused some of the
a) A A chemical reaction between iron and oxygen
b) B Solar energy reacting with the iron in the wagon
c) C A chemical reaction between iron and hydrogen
d) D A physical reaction between iron and water

A white powder is mixed with 200 mL of water. Which of these observations would show that mixing the powder and water produces a chemical reaction?
a) A The white powder dissolves completely.
b) B The temperature of the mixture increases 4⁰C.
c) C The total mass of water and powder remains the same.
d) D The volume of the mixture is greater than the original water volume.

Students place 5g of table sugar into a test tube and hold the bottom of the test tube just above a flame for a short time. The sugar bubbles and releases a white gas as it turns from white to yellow to brown. Based on this evidence, the students
a) A reacts chemically to form new substances when heated.
b) B does not change physically or chemically when heated.
c) C must be a combination of a gas and a solid
d) D contains brown crystals that can only be seen when they are hot.

Water (H2O) is not considered to be an element because -
a) A compounds can be dissolved in it
b) B it can be broken down into simpler substances.
c) C it goes through the process of evaporation.
d) D it has the physical property of being a liquid.

When a student mixes oxygen and hydrogen gas in a test tube, nothing seems to happen. However, when the student introduces an electric spark, the mixture “pops” and water forms on the inside of the test tube. What is the best evidence for this chem
a) A Popping sound
b) B Use of electricity
c) C Formation of water
d) D Mixture of two gases

Which of the chemical equations shown below is balanced?
a) A K + FeCl3  KCl + Fe
b) B NaCl + AgNO3  AgCl + NaNO3
c) C KBr  K + Br2
d) D H2 + N2  NH4

How many elements are in the chemical formula for silver difluoride, AgF2?
a) A. 3
b) B. 2
c) C. 4
d) D. 6

When a student lowered the temperature of a glass of water below 0⁰C, the water turned into ice. Later the student heated the ice and it turned back into water. Why must this be
a) A The water is still water.
b) B The ice required heat to melt.
c) C The amount of water is still the same
d) D The density of ice and water are different.

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