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The total number of electrons in carbon
a) A. 3
b) B. 4
c) C.6
d) D. 9

This model for a sodium atom (Na) indicates that sodium contains –
a) A. 23
b) B. 12
c) C. 11
d) D. 8

On the periodic table, the elements in each column, or group, have -
a) A. been divided into representative elements and transition elements.
b) B. similar chemical and physical properties
c) C a solid structure at room temperature
d) D the same atomic number, but different atomic mass.

Which atomic model did we use in class?
a) A Electron Cloud
b) B Bohr Model
c) C Rutherford’s Model
d) D Bohr Cloud

Oxygen, chlorine, and sulfur are all located on the same side of the Periodic Table of Elements because they are all
a) A nonmetals
b) B metals.
c) C metalloids.
d) D solids.

Which elements are categorized as metals on the Periodic Table of Elements?
a) A hydrogen, helium, and carbon
b) B iodine, boron, and iron
c) C sodium, potassium and calcium
d) D tin, silver and neon

. An element that is described as not shiny and a poor conductor of thermal energy is classified on the Periodic Table of Elements as a –
a) A metal
b) B metalloid
c) C nonmetal
d) D synthetic

If an atom has 18 protons, 18 electrons, and an atomic mass of 39.9, what is the number of neutrons?
a) A 18 neutrons
b) B 36 neutrons
c) C 22 neutrons
d) D 39.9 neutrons

The reactivity of an element is determined by the –
a) A mass of the atom
b) B number of protons.
c) C number of neutrons.
d) D number of valence electrons.

Which of the following atoms is the most reactive metal?
a) A hydrogen
b) B lithium
c) C sodium
d) D xenon

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