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Pedalfer soils would most likely be found
a) in the eastern half of the US
b) on an island close to the equator
c) in a tropical rainforest
d) in the dry areas of the western US

Compared to the past, rates of soil erosion are
a) faster
b) about the same
c) slower
d) more unpredictable

The rate of soil erosion deppends on
a) all of the answers listed
b) climate
c) slope
d) vegetation

Since humans have appeared, the amount of sediments carried by rivers has
a) increased dramatically
b) increased slightly
c) stayed the same
d) decreased

What is the correct order for water eroding soil
a) sheet erosion, rills, gullies
b) gullies, rills, sheet erosion
c) sheet erosion, gullies, rills
d) rills, sheet erosion, gullies

The process responsible for moving material down slope under the influence of graviity is called
a) mass movement
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) soil formation

What is the force behind mass movements
a) gravity
b) sun's energy
c) moving water
d) moving ice

Why can the removal of vegetation trigger mass movements
a) plant roots bind the soil and regolith together
b) soil loses nutrients and begins to crumble
c) shaking triggers mass movements
d) plant roots llubricate the loose sediment

Oversteepened slopes often lead to mass movements because
a) the angle of the slope is greater than 40 degrees
b) the angle of the slope is less the 20 degrees
c) the angle of the slope is between 10 and 20 degrees
d) plants cannot grow on them

During what season would you expect mass movements to be a greater threat?
a) a wet spring before vegetation is growing
b) a dry summer
c) a wet spring with lots of growing vegetation
d) a dry autumn after the leaves have turned

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