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Food Chain---sun---->grass--->grasshopper--->Bird--->Bacteria Which living thing in this food chain is a predator?
a) grass
b) bacteria
c) bird
d) grasshopper

Which is the best description of an ecosystem?
a) all of the living and nonliving things in an area
b) all of the biotic factors in an area
c) all of the populations of living things in an area
d) all of the induviduals of one species in an area

What kinds of living things make their own food?
a) carnivores
b) predators
c) consumers
d) producers

Which is an example of a consumer?
a) tree
b) mountain lion
c) berries
d) water

Most pond organisms live in shallow water because
a) the water is warmer.
b) there is less shelter
c) there is more oxygen.
d) the water is cleaner.

Which type of ecosystem has both fresh and salt water?
a) river
b) lake
c) marsh
d) estuary

Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
a) Bird
b) Tree
c) Temperature
d) Flower

Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) air
b) temperature
c) flower
d) sun

This ecosystem has more than 50% of the world's animals living in it. What type of ecosystem is it?
a) rainforest
b) grassland
c) ocean
d) estuary

This ecosystem has tress that lose their leaves in the fall, anibals that hibernate in the winter, and flowers that bloom in the spring. Which type of ecosystem is this?
a) deciduous forest
b) rainforest
c) grassland
d) lakes and ponds

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