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The cones of what needleleaf tree grown on the top side of the branch pointing up?
a) Fir
b) Hemlock
c) Pine
d) Spruce

Oak trees produce what kind of fruit?
a) Acorn
b) Peanuts
c) Bananas
d) Keys

The new plant in every seed
a) Embryo
b) Stamen
c) Stored food
d) Seed coat

Saying that helps us recognize poison ivy
a) Leaves of 3 let it be
b) Leaves of 13 let it be
c) Leaves of 4 let it be
d) Leaves of 2 let it be

What 3 things do seeds need in order to sprout?
a) Oxygen, right temperature, water
b) Sunlight, oxygen, right temperature
c) Sunlight, right temperature, water
d) Oxygen, sunlight, water

Green plants give off what?
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Hydrogen

Egg laying organ of a female cricket
a) Ovipositor
b) Thorax
c) Antennae
d) Sensilla

Sis. Mandi's least favorite bird
a) Cardinal
b) Robin
c) Scissor-tailed flycatcher
d) Purple finch

Word that means falling down
a) Deciduous
b) Broadleaf
c) Evergreen
d) Needleleaf

Fruit of a maple tree
a) Keys
b) Acorns
c) Peanuts
d) Bananas

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