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Which insect used to be a woolly bear caterpillar?
a) Isabella moth
b) Polyphemus moth
c) Luna moth
d) Measuring worm moth

Which insect migrates from Canada to Florida for the winter?
a) Monarch
b) Ant
c) Wasp
d) Bee

Which insect lives in colonies?
a) Ant
b) Ladybug
c) Housefly
d) Butterfly

Which insect is known for its song?
a) Cricket
b) Firefly
c) Monarch
d) Aphid

A young insect that looks almost like an adult
a) Nymph
b) Thorax
c) Ovipositor
d) Cocoon

A caterpillar, maggot, or grub
a) Larva
b) Nymph
c) Pupa
d) Egg

Part of the tree that absorbs water and minerals
a) Roots
b) Sepal
c) Stamen
d) Crown

Green plants take in this
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon monoxide
d) Hydrogen

These tell you the age of a tree
a) Annual rings
b) Wrinkles
c) Roots
d) Leaves

Insects, birds, and bats help plants do what
a) Pollinate
b) Germinate
c) Multiply
d) Grow

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