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Which insect eats wood?
a) Termite
b) Tiger Swallowtail
c) Ant
d) Aphid

Which insect mimics a monarch butterfly?
a) Viceroy
b) Painted Lady
c) Syrphid fly
d) Polyphemus moth

Which insect goes through complete metamorphosis?
a) Moth
b) Cricket
c) Roach
d) Termite

Which insect destroys crops?
a) Locust
b) Wasp
c) Ant
d) Ladybug

Which insect helps gardeners and farmers?
a) Ladybug
b) Monarch
c) Mosquito
d) Flea

An insect in the stage between larva and adult
a) Pupa
b) Chrysalis
c) Nymph
d) Larva

The hard outer covering of insects
a) Exoskeleton
b) Abdomen
c) Thorax
d) Ovipositor

The part of an insect's body containing the heart and stomach
a) Abdomen
b) Thorax
c) Head
d) Hindwing

Tiny hairs
a) Sensilla
b) Spiracle
c) Simple eye
d) Sepal

An insect's breathing holes
a) Spiracles
b) Sensilla
c) Stamen
d) Simple eye

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