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Who was the leader of Iraq before the Persian Gulf War began?
a) Theodore Herzl
b) Saddam Hussein
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Tariq Aziz

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the Persian Gulf War?
a) Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction
b) The world did not want a dictator like Hussein in control of that much of the world's oil
c) Saddam Hussein wanted control over Washington DC
d) Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons on the Kurds

What was the name of the first official military operation against Iraq in the Persian Gulf War?
a) Operation Shock and Awe
b) Operation Iraqi Freedom
c) Operation Enduring Freedom
d) Operation Desert Storm

Who was the general in charge during the Persian Gulf War?
a) General Schwarzkopf
b) General Petraeus
c) General Powell
d) General Cheney

Which is the main reason that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait?
a) Because he wanted more chemical weapons to use on the Kurds
b) He needed the money from their oil production to help pay for his war with Iran that had just ended
c) He wanted to pump all of their oil into the Persian Gulf so they couldn't earn money
d) He wanted the land to be annexed into Iraq

What did Saddam Hussein do once Operation Desert Storm had started?
a) He began burning oil wells and pumping oil into the Persian Gulf
b) He escaped to Pakistan and hid out until the end of the war
c) He surrendered and sent all of his troops back to Iraq
d) He used chemical weapons on the Kurds

How long did the Persian Gulf War last?
a) About 1 year
b) About 5 years
c) About 10 years
d) It's still not over

What political party was Saddam Hussein a member of?
a) The Democratic Party
b) The Baath Party
c) The Republican Party
d) The Palestinian Party

What countries were allies of the United States during the Persian Gulf War?
a) Great Britain and Germany
b) China and Japan
c) Spain and France
d) Great Britain and France

Why did Saddam Hussein go to war with Iran before the Persian Gulf War?
a) He needed money to pay for the chemical weapons
b) He wanted to capture the Shatt-al-Arab waterway leading to the Persian Gulf
c) He wanted control of the oil in Iran
d) He wanted to take over Iran so that his military would be strong enough to take over Kuwait

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