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What part of the eye acts like a convex lens?
a) corena
b) iris
c) pupil
d) retina

What part of the eye sends signals to the brain?
a) iris
b) pupil
c) optic nerce
d) retina

What part of the eye helps focus an image by changing its shape?
a) cornea
b) lens
c) iris
d) pupil

The opening that controls how much light enters the eye
a) iris
b) cornea
c) pupil
d) lens

The colored part of they eye that controls the size of the pupil
a) retina
b) iris
c) optic nerve
d) lens

A nearsighted person wears glasses to help correct her vision. The lenses in the glasses
a) spread light out so that an image is focused on the retina
b) make nearby objects seem clearer
c) focus light directly on the cornea
d) make the images of objects seem larger

A farsighted person needs glasses that
a) change how the lens of the eye responds to light
b) focus light rays farther forward, toward the retina
c) increase the sensitivity of rod and cone cells
d) flatten the cornea to make it less convex

Jordan wears glasses with concave lenses. The glasses help
a) flatten his cornea to correct nearsightedness
b) act with his cornea as a single lens to correct farsightedness
c) spread light rays to correct nearsightedness
d) change the shape of the lens in his eye to correct farsightedness

The rod cells are located in this part of the eye
a) corenea
b) lens
c) retina
d) optic nerve

Cone Cells
a) are found in dogs
b) are located in the optic nerve
c) respond to light
d) detect color

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