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When taken over, what power did Caliphs retain?
a) power over religion
b) power over government
c) power over economy
d) power over taxes

What did Abu Jafar al Mamun do?
a) created House of Wisdom
b) defeated the Turks
c) created craft guilds
d) trained apprentices

What was the name of the first research institute?
a) House of Discovery
b) House of Muhammad
c) House of Wisdom
d) House of History

Name of last great Muslim empire
a) Ottoman
b) Bagdhad
c) Abbasid
d) Turkish

What invention helped Turks capture Constantinople?
a) bronze cannons
b) daggers
c) guns
d) bronze swords

Associations that regulated training for young potters and other craftsmen
a) craft guilds
b) craft potters
c) craft research institute
d) crafts of wisdom

Why did Muslims search for knowledge?
a) to become an apprentice
b) to study to defeat armies
c) required in Quaran school
d) Muhammad said it was sacred duty

How did Sultans help pilgrims to Mecca?
a) showed the correct way to Mecca
b) helped with apprenticeships
c) fed them and housed them
d) explained the Quaran

What taught Muslims self restraint and will power?
a) fasting for Ramadan
b) House of Wisdom
c) Abbasid governors
d) Caliphs power

What was the rebellious decision made by Abbasid governors?
a) declare independence
b) did not fast for Ramadan
c) declared new religion
d) got rid of caliphs

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