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Which of these factors affects the rate of weathering
a) all of the answers listed
b) climate
c) chemical composition of the exposed rock
d) surface area of the exposed rock

Rock features such as the sculpted pinnacles seen in Bryce Canyon National Park are the result of
a) differential weathering
b) exfoliation
c) unloading
d) frost wedging

Chemical weathering would be
a) most effective in a warm, humid climate
b) most effective in a cold, dry climate
c) most effective in a warm, dryclimate
d) equally effective inn any comate

If granite and marble were exposed in an area with a hot and humid climate,
a) the marble would weather most rapidly
b) the granite would weather most rapidly
c) both rocks would weather at the same rate
d) neither rock would weather

Which of the following rocks would have the fastest rate of weathering in a warm, wet climate?
a) limestone
b) granite
c) quartz
d) gneiss

The factor that has the greatest effect on soil fomation is
a) climate
b) parent material
c) time
d) orientation of slope

A soil's texture is determined by
a) particle size
b) mineral composition
c) type of humus
d) water content

The mian source of organic matter in soil is
a) plants
b) water
c) fungi
d) bacteria

In which of the following areas will soil formation be the greatest
a) a flat area in a warm, wet climate
b) a steep slope in a warm, wet climate
c) a flat area in a cold, wet climate
d) a north facing area on a steep slope

Use Figure 11 on p 134: What is a soil called if it has 20% clay, 60% silt, and 20% sand
a) silty loam
b) sandy clay loam
c) loamy sand
d) loam

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