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Which of the following organism would be at the bottom of the food chain?
a) plant
b) recycler
c) prey
d) predator

Which type of organism does the work of recycling plants and animals that have died?
a) producers
b) decomposers
c) secondary consumers
d) primary consumers

Animals that eat both plants and other animals are called
a) carnivores
b) omnivores
c) herbivores
d) ecovores

Whic of the following statements are true?
a) Most herbivores are small.
b) Most carnivores are fast.
c) Plants are the only producers.
d) Herbivores are also called secondary consumers.

Which animal eats mainly plants?
a) Deer
b) Lion
c) Cat
d) Dog

Any resources necessary to the survival of populations in an ecosystem may become
a) an abiotic factor
b) a biotic factor
c) a limiting factor
d) a niche

A relationship between two organisms that benifits both organisms is called
a) symbiosis
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

What is the special role an organism plays in a community?
a) niche
b) habitat
c) ecosystem
d) population

The greatest number of individuals that an ecosystem can support within a population is the
a) limiting factor.
b) habitat.
c) carrying capacity.
d) community.

Which of the following is an example of a decomposer?
a) fungi
b) lion
c) sunflower
d) rabbit

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