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Which scientist made the connection with a falling apple being an unbalanced force?
a) Isaac Newton
b) Marie Curie
c) Albert Einstein
d) Temple Grandin

What is the rate of gravity?
a) 9.8 meters per second
b) 90 miles per hour
c) 9.8 kilometers per hour
d) 12 miles per hour

What force acts against gravity?
a) air pressure
b) rolling friction
c) sliding friction
d) magnetism

As gravitational force increases_____________ increases.
a) mass
b) velocity
c) speed
d) acceleration

As gravitational force decreases___________________ descreases.
a) distance
b) mass
c) acceleration
d) velocity

Which is a measure of gravitational force on an object?
a) Weight
b) mass
c) distance
d) speed

Mass is:
a) the amount of matter in an object.
b) weight.
c) how many atoms are in a molecule.
d) measured in Newtons

Weight is measured in:
a) Newtons
b) kilograms
c) meters per second
d) gravity

Mass is NOT measured in:
a) kilograms
b) grams
c) Newtons
d) miligrams

What did Newton find to be needed to change the motion of an object?
a) unbalanced forces
b) balanced forces
c) speed
d) direction

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