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A common set of important activities that make up a manager's job is called:
a) Management role
b) Supervision
c) Core values
d) Quality control

A manager that builds relationships does the following:
a) Creates a positive work environment
b) Works well with others
c) Resolves conflict
d) All of these

What are the 4 Functions of a Manager
a) Planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling
b) Planning, supervising, timing, and implementing
c) Planning, decision making, marketing, and controlling
d) None of these

The fundamental guidelines for the decisions and actions of managers is called:
a) Management guidelines
b) Management principles
c) Management activities
d) None of these

The final step in the decision-making process is to:
a) Analyze the solutions
b) Determine the possible solutions
c) Identify the problem
d) Select the best solution

The duties of a supervisor are:
a) Serves as communication link between employees and management
b) Works directly with employees
c) Commnads respect
d) All of these

What is one way you can judge whether or not a supervisor is effective?
a) Telling people what to do
b) Efficient use of the company's resources
c) Demands respect
d) None of these

A prodcedure that evaluates the work and accomplishment of an employee and provides feedback on performance is called:
a) 360 degree feedback
b) Promotion
c) Performance review
d) None of these

The process of making sure work meets acceptable standards is called:
a) Quality control
b) Time management
c) Management principles
d) Work coach

Managing work schedules to achieve maximum productivity is callled:
a) Quality control
b) What-if analysis
c) Time management
d) Management principles

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