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Smaller territory of a larger one
a) province
b) dynasty
c) Muawiyah
d) apprenticeship

group holding leadership for long periods
a) province
b) dynasty
c) Muawiyah
d) Golden Age

First caliph of Umayyad Dynasty
a) Abu Jafar
b) Muhammad
c) Muawiyah
d) Sharia

period in which someone learns a trade
a) golden age
b) province
c) dynasty
d) apprenticeship

period in which a society is at its peak, Abbasids had this during their empire
a) golden age
b) dynasty
c) province
d) apprenticeship

Muhammad's friend and first caliph
a) Abu Bakar
b) Muawiyah
c) Abu Jafar al Mumun
d) Sharia

What group replaced the Umayyads as caliphs?
a) Abbasids
b) Turks
c) Baghdads
d) Sharias

What word means Islamic Law?
a) Sharia
b) Sunni
c) Ottoman
d) Turk

Who first defeated the Abbasids?
a) Sharias
b) Sunnis
c) Turks
d) Baghdads

What was the capital city during Abbasid rule?
a) Baghdad
b) House of Wisdom
c) Sunni
d) Sharia

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