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Who is the head of the Natioal Executive Branch
a) President
b) Supreme Court
c) Congress
d) Governor

What is the main duty of the President of the United States?
a) Write Laws
b) Conduct foreign Trade Agreements
c) Interpret the Laws
d) Execute the Laws

All of the following are duties of the President EXCEPT:
a) Prepares Annual Budget
b) Approves Federal Judges
c) Appoints Cabinet officers
d) Administer Federal Bureaucracy

The President delivers an annual speech to Congress known as what?
a) State of the Union
b) Purposes of the Executive Office
c) Innagural Address
d) My Time as President

A very direct way the President can influence legislation is by ________ or approving laws.
a) Amending
b) Making
c) Vetoing
d) Changing

The Presidents Cabinet, what does it help the President do?
a) Make Laws
b) Govern the States
c) Fire and Hire White House Staff
d) Carry out the laws

Of the following list, which is a way the President can influence legislation?
a) Interpret the Laws
b) Appeal directly to the people.
c) Recommend a change in congress
d) Amend the Constitution on an emergency basis

Who helps the President interpret and execute the laws?
a) Cabinet Deparments
b) All of the answers are correct.
c) Regulatory Groups
d) Executive Agencies

The President is also known as the ____________________ Officer of the Nation.
a) Head Diplomat
b) Master and Commander
c) Commander in Law
d) Chief Executive

What is the name of this place that acts as the central headquarters for the Executive Branch?
a) White House
b) Exeuctive Mansion
c) Supreme Court House
d) Capitol Building

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