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Changing Face forecast in 1992that Texas population in 2026 would be 8.4 mill Hispanic, 2.4 mil black, close to a mil other, & 10.4 mill whites (non-hispanics) is this accurate?
a) yes
b) no

Who produced Border Bandits?
a) Juan Longoria
b) Bud Kerensky
c) Spike Lee
d) Kirby Warnock

Was Hernandez v. Texas about race and segregation and heard by the us Supreme Court before or after Brown v. Board of Education?
a) yes as to when it was heard and race
b) no as to segregation but about jury exclusions of Mexican ancestry persons
c) no it was after Brown
d) no it was decided in texas

the first black city manager in Dallas was?
a) Cleotis Johnson
b) John Ware
c) Gladys Knight
d) Richard Knight, Jr

The election of 1964 was the first one where southern states, texas included, could not require the poll tax as a prerequisite for registering to vote. Why?
a) Texas repealed the poll tax
b) the president issued executive order 9835
c) the 15th amendment
d) the 24th Amendment

What president refused to meet with Members of Congress who were Black Democrats at the White House?
a) LBJ
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt
c) Eisenhower
d) nixon

What gov't officials choose to do or not to do about public problems is a defintion of which of the following terms?
a) agenda setting
b) public policy
c) policy formulation
d) policy adoption

The process through which issues become matters of public concern and gov't action is a definition for which of the following stages of the policymaking process?
a) agenda setting
b) Policy formulation
c) policy adoption
d) policy implementation

Which of the following issues has recently been part of the state's official polcy agenda?
a) funding public education
b) electricity deregulation
c) property tax reform
d) all of the above

the development of strategies for dealing with the problems on the official policy agenda is a definition of which of the following stages of the policymaking process?
a) agenda setting
b) policy formulation
c) policy adoption
d) policy implementation

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