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Providing quality education for children living in the Colonias is a major challenge becasue?
a) dropout rates
b) irregular attendance
c) rapid population growth
d) all of the above

The Rio Grande Valley Empowerment Zone consists of which countries?
a) Cameron and Hidalgo
b) Willacy and Cameron and Starr
c) Starr, Willacy, Hidalgo and Cameron
d) Hidalgo, Zapata, Cameron, Kenedy, Starr, and Webb

The Dallas Federal Reserve Bank is located in which Federal Reserve District?
a) 8
b) 12
c) 9
d) 11

How many counties in Texas
a) 100
b) 254
c) 117
d) 189

How many Regional Councils of Government (COG) does Texas have?
a) 19
b) 21
c) 24
d) 5

Which is the largest city in Texas?
a) San Antonio
b) Dallas
c) Houston
d) Austin

What is the exact date of Juneteenth?
a) 13
b) 18
c) 15
d) 19

Nine years of martial law followed the defeat of the Confederacy. What is that period of time called?
a) Reign of Terror
b) Hold them back
c) reconstruction
d) resurrection

Robert Jensen's article
a) Affirmative Action legislative intent wording
b) Peggy McIntosh
c) Feminist Conference of 1990
d) Women's suffrage movement

In essence white privilege stems from it being a racial upper based on what?
a) structual inequality
b) class status
c) OMB Directive
d) racial solidarity

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