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Albert Pena had his co-leader in Olga Ramos Pena, who did Hector P. Garcia have?
a) Sister Cleotide
b) no one
c) friend Virginia Muzquiz
d) wife Sofia

After the 1960 presidential election and the Viva Kennedy Club organization closed what group formed in Texas from this network?
a) Mexican American Political Association (MAPA)
b) RazaUnida Party
c) Mexican American Democrats
d) Political Association Spanish Speaking Organizations (PASO)

Which woman profiled as an Adelita was elected to a school board and later a county judge?
a) Olga Ramos Pena
b) Alicia Chacon
c) Virginia Muzquiz
d) Rosa Tijerina

Of these which one was the first to be elected to a local government position?
a) Alicia Chacon
b) Severita Lara
c) Irma Mireles
d) Anita N. Martinez

Had she won the office she campaigned for in all probability she would have been barred from serving due to age. Who was she?
a) Virginia MUzquiz
b) Alma Canales
c) Maria Jimenez
d) Rosie Castro

Among the Chicanas in Part I and II who became mayor of a city?
a) Maria Jimenez
b) Olga Ramos Pena
c) Severita Lara
d) Alicia Chacon

Among the Chicanas in Part I and II who became an Appeals Court Justice?
a) Maria Jimenez
b) None did
c) Linda Reyna Yanez
d) Alicia Chacon

In Part ii Chicana which one was NOT associated with the RazaUnida Party?
a) Maria Jimenez
b) All were
c) Rosie Castro
d) Severita Lara

In Part I Chicanas which one worked within the Democratic Party as part of the organization?
a) Rosa Tijerina
b) both Olga and Alicia Chacon
c) Olga Ramos Pena
d) Virginia Muzquiz

Who is the best?
a) Me
b) myself
c) I

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