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Three approaches are mentioned in Chicanas in Charge, for the study of history; which one was utilized by the authors?
a) Western-trained historians \
b) Oboler\'s ethnic and gender intersectionality approach
c) Portelli\'s dynamic dialectic
d) Perez\'s cyclical approach

There were three major types of women political figues in the tweentieth century. Which of these was not one of them.
a) Feminists
b) Caretakers
c) Party women
d) Reformers

Alessandro Portelli a leading figure in developing the intersection of oral history and biography, did his work among Italians when?
a) WWI
c) Korean War
d) Israel's Ten Day War

By 1972 there were only 28 Chicanas among the 736 Spanich surnamed elected officials in Texas
a) True
b) False

Before the identity labels of Hispanic and Latina came into vogue, females of Mexican ancestry called themselves?
a) Mexican Americans
b) Chicanas
c) Latin Americans
d) none of these

Which of these are related, mother-daughter, among those profiled?
a) Rose Tijerina and Maria Escobar
b) Alicia Chacon and Irma Mireles
c) Rosie Castro and the twins
d) Maria Jimenez and Anita N. Martinez

Which one of these belongs in the category of The Chicano Movement Activists?
a) Anita N. Martinez
b) Alicia Chacon
c) Rose Tijerina
d) Severita Lara

The Nahuatl word for the North and Central American land mass was?
a) Aztlan
b) Mexica
c) Anahuac
d) Teotihuacan

Marta Cotera wrote the book Diosa y Hembrathe first in documenting Chicana activism in Texas
a) True
b) False

Which Chicana became the first to seek nomination as State Representative in Texas.
a) Olga Pena
b) Virginia Muzquiz
c) Maria Escobar
d) Anita Martinez

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