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Which of the following will experience a pioneer species?
a) An established lake ecosystem
b) An untouched prarie ecosystem
c) A new volcanic island
d) A forest climax community

How does succession help to restore an ecosystem after a flood?
a) By increasing the amount of species in an ecosystem
b) By bringing extinct species back
c) By stopping other floods from happening
d) By decreasing the rate of evolution

If a tree falls in the forest, which of the following will probably take place
a) Lichens and moss will inhabit the area
b) There will be an increase in the rate of erosion
c) There will be an increase in the amount of oxygen
d) Saplings and small plants will compete for light and space

Which of the following ecosystems will change the least over time
a) A forest at climax
b) A new volcanic island
c) An ecosystem that has been through primary succession
d) An ecosystem that has been through secondary succession

After a volcano erupts it will take thousands of years to rebuild with new organisms this is :
a) Erosion
b) Succession
c) Weathering
d) Desertification

Why are tall hardwoods an example of a climax community?
a) Tall hardwoods use up all the water
b) Tall hardwoods block out light not allowing other organisms to grow
c) Tall hardwoods have roots that spread accross the ground
d) Tall hardwoods have more roots than other plants

What do plants like clover and legumes do for soil?
a) Add nitrogen and other vital compounds to the soil
b) Prevent animals from eating the soil
c) Prevent wildfires from breaking out
d) Break rocks into soil

A negative impact of building a dam is:
a) It provides water to an entire community
b) It reduces underground aquifers
c) It prevents sediment from moving downstream
d) It increases the amount of water a lake loses

A potential negative consequence to using water from an aquifer is:
a) The water is dirty and can make people sick
b) The water is too expensive to clean
c) The soil expands and causes the ground to raise.
d) Pulling water from an aquifer causes subsidence of the ground

Fertilizer that washes into lakes can cause problems
a) By causing an increase in algae and therefore a decrease in oxygen
b) By causing in increase in algae that will feed too many fish
c) By causing a decrease in algae
d) By causing plants to grow too quickly

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