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The shutting off of a port by ships to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
a) militia
b) minutemen
c) boycott
d) bockade

Military force made up of civilians trained as soldiers
a) militia
b) minutemen
c) boycott
d) blockade

An organized campaign to refuse to buy certain products
a) militia
b) minutemen
c) boycott
d) blockade

Citizen soldiers who fought the British at Lexington and Concord
a) militia
b) minutemen
c) boycott
d) blockade

Who captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British?
a) The French
b) George Washington
c) The Green Mountain Boys and Ethan Allen
d) The British

What did the Albany Plan of Union do?
a) United the Colonies against the British
b) Unite the English against the Native Americans
c) Provided a way for the colonies to work together
d) Created a council linking the Native Americans and Colonists

The Proclamation of 1763 declared which of the following?
a) Native Americans could not move east of the Appalacians
b) The Frensh had to obtain citizenship from Britain
c) The French were in charge of settling west of the Appalachians
d) Colonial settlers had to remain east of the Appalacians

Why did the Colonists resent the Tea Act
a) It increased the price of tea
b) It established a British monopoly on tea
c) It lowered the price of tea

What was the first step the 2nd Continental Congress took to prepare for war?
a) Printed paper money
b) Formed a navy
c) Elected a commander
d) Formed an army

How did the colonists react to the Townshend Acts?
a) Planting sugarcane
b) Establishing settlement
c) Staging boycotts
d) Arresting smugglers

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