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As air is warmed how does its density change?
a) It increases
b) Cannot say, because it depends on other factors
c) It remains the same
d) It decreases

When small particles settle through water faster than large particles, the small particles are probably
a) lighter
b) more dense
c) better sorted
d) flatter

The density of a mineral is determined by its mass and
a) hardness
b) shape
c) volume
d) luster

Saturn's volume is 762 times the volume of Earth, and yet its mass is only about 95 times that of Earth's mass. This is due to Saturn's
a) low density
b) distance from the sun
c) thousands of rings
d) temperature

When placed in water, ice rises to the top of the liquid. Unlike most solids that sink when placed in their liquid forms, ice floats because
a) it is colder than water
b) gases inside the ice make it buoyant
c) the pressure of the water holds it up
d) it is less dense than water

As air on the surface of the Earth warms, the density of the air
a) decreases
b) disappears
c) remains the same
d) increases

If the shape and size of the four mineral samples below are the same, which mineral will settle most slowly in water?
a) Cinnabar with a density of 8.2 gms/cm3
b) Siderite with a density of 3.9 gms/cm3
c) Quartz with a density of 2.7 gms/cm3
d) Magnetitie with a density of 5.2 gms/cm3

A boat will float higher in the Atlantic Ocean than it will in the Potomac River because ocean water has
a) a lower freezing point
b) a greater density
c) more oxygen in it
d) more organisms in it

Density is the mass of material divided by volume. If an object has a mass of 50g, and a volume of 25cm3, what would the density be?
a) 2.0 g/cm3
b) 0.02 g/cm3
c) 20.0 g/cm3
d) 0.20 g/cm3

What would the volume of an irregular object be if you dropped it into a beaker filled with 100 mL of water and the water was displaced to 150 mL?
a) 50 mL
b) 250 ml
c) 150 mL
d) 100 mL

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