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Which is NOT an example of friction?
a) Your shoe against the pavement allowing you to stop
b) Jumping on a trampoline
c) Spikes on football cleats so the player won't slide
d) Brakes against wheels on a car allowing it to stop

Why is it easy to slip on a floor when it's wet?
a) The water is a lubricant and reduces the friction between your feet and the floor
b) The friction between your feet and the floor changes from static to kinetic energy
c) The water increases the friction between your feet and the floor
d) The friction between your feet and the floor changes from sliding friction to rolling friction

What has friction?
a) Everything
b) Nothing
c) Only rough surfaces
d) Only smooth surfaces

Which of these surfaces would have the most friction?
a) Concrete
b) Ice
c) A wet road
d) Aluminum foil

A word often associated with friction is
a) traction
b) speed
c) velocity
d) acceration

The two types of friction are
a) kinetic and static
b) pushing and pulling
c) moving and stopping
d) traction and slipping

A lubricant is
a) something that decreases friction
b) something that increases friction
c) something to use in our bones and joints
d) something that helps us stop moving

How do crickets use friction?
a) To make their song
b) To jump
c) To reproduce
d) To harvest food

Which of the following affects fuel consumption (how much fuel is used)?
a) the shape of the car
b) seat belts
c) brakes
d) cup holders

Which is a type of friction?
a) Air resistance
b) Speed
c) Motion
d) Lubricants

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