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What is the main idea?
a) Some factors have to do with the work itself.
b) Some factors have to do with the future.
c) There are several types of job-related factors to consider in choosing a job.
d) Is the work challenging?

Which statement doesn't fit with all the rest?
a) There are several advantages to television.
b) I like watching television.
c) Watching TV is cheaper than going to the movies.
d) It can be educational, and keep us informed on what's happening.

What is the main idea?
a) On such robot, already developed, is a desktop machine.
b) Also, a robot that can move from one location to another is now being built for the handicapped.
c) Several kinds of voice-operated robots may soon be available to help the disabled.
d) Another type of robot for the disabled will be useful in offices.

Which statement doesn't belong with the others?
a) Birds communicate with two different types of sounds.
b) One type is song.
c) The second type of sound birds make to communicate is the call.
d) Crows are a common kind of bird.

Which of the following is the clearest topic sentence for the topic "Things To Do Today"?
a) I have a lot to do today.
b) I have to go to the doctor's office today.
c) There are three main things I have to get done today, but I am so tired.
d) I need to go to the doctor's office, pick up the kids from school and make dinner by 5p today.

Which of the following is the clearest topic sentence for the topic, "Best Movies Ever"?
a) I don't really like movies.
b) My favorite movie is Star Wars.
c) All the best movies have three things in common.
d) I don't like it when books are made into movies.

What is the main idea?
a) Tehre are a couple of ways you can protect yourself from skin cancer.
b) First of all, use a sunscreen with a sun-protection factor of fifteen or more.
c) Also, try not to get much exposure at the time of day when the sun's rays are strongest.
d) The sun's rays are strongest between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M.

What is the main idea?
a) You've heard of acupuncture for weight loss and for pain.
b) Now there's acupuncture for your pet.
c) Over two hundred vets are already certified in acupuncture.
d) One Colorado vet claims success for acupuncture in fighting arthritis.

What is the main idea?
a) The creation of the ice-cream cone goes back to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.
b) An ice-cream salesman brought his date an ice-cream sandwich and a bouquet of flowers.
c) The lady had trouble holding both at the same time.
d) So she took one cookie wafer from the sandwich and wrapped it around the flowers like a vase.

What is the main idea?
a) Several products are available to help people stop smoking.
b) Audio and video tapes use suggestion to encourage people to quit.
c) Gum containing nicotine allows quitters to gradually cut down from what they got from cigarettes.
d) There are also special filters that reduce the amount of smoke and nicotine that get to the smoker.

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