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I travel around the world to report the news.
a) a journalist
b) a student
c) a mountaineer
d) an accountant

I learn and play with my classmates at the school.
a) a student
b) a mountaineer
c) an accountant
d) a pianist

I am fond of climbing mountains.
a) a mountaineer
b) an accountant
c) a pianist
d) a singer

I keep money record in a company.
a) an accountant
b) a pianist
c) a singer
d) a sailor

I always play the piano in front of people.
a) a pianist
b) a singer
c) a sailor
d) a teacher

Singing is my favourite. I love singing in the opera.
a) a sailor
b) a singer
c) a teacher
d) an inventor

I love working on the ships. I love the sea too.
a) a sailor
b) a teacher
c) an inventor
d) a doctor

I like children very much. I teach them how to write.
a) a teacher
b) an inventor
c) a doctor
d) a journalist

I love science. I like inventing something useful.
a) an inventor
b) a doctor
c) a journalist
d) a student

I treat patients in the hospital.
a) a doctor
b) a journalist
c) a student
d) a mountaineer

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