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The element of the product that covers additional consumer services and benefits is the...
a) actual product
b) marketed product
c) augmented product
d) core product

Air Asia has divided its market into M'sian, Indon & Thai markets. What best describes this situation?
a) market segmentation
b) market positioning
c) product development
d) marketing mix

The following are types of new products EXCEPT
a) discounted products
b) cost reductions
c) line extentions
d) new-to-the-world products

Which of the following is incorrect about these cases about a company\'s product mix?
a) consistency: Product lines and policies are consistent.
b) depth: The store sells chicken; drumsticks, nuggets, fillets...
c) breadth: The restaurant serves appetizers, main courses, desserts, etc.
d) length: Our company has 200 different types of products.

The following are strategies of channel width, except:
a) intensive distribution
b) channel distribution
c) exclusive distribution
d) selective distribution

Which of the following is not a reason to develop new products?
a) defense of market share
b) exploitation of technology
c) exploitation of labour force
d) entry of a new market

The following have the same meaning, except
a) breakeven analysis : profitability oriented pricing
b) cost-plus pricing : cost-oriented pricing
c) mark-up pricing : profitabilitity oriented pricing
d) buyer based pricing : market oriented pricing

Unifying all tools of marketing communication is known as
a) channel organization
b) integrated marketing communication
c) market targetting
d) marketing information system

The following are objectives of pricing, except:
a) volume objectives
b) competitive objectives
c) philanthrophic objectives
d) image objectives

Which is the correct order of the Market Positioning process?
a) Choose CA-> Identify Possible CA -> Select Positioning Strategy -> Deliver
b) Select Positioning Strategy -> Deliver -> Identify Possible CA -> Choose CA
c) Deliver -> Select Positioning Strategy -> Identify Possible CA -> Choose CA
d) Identify Possible CA -> Choose CA -> Select Positioning Strategy -> Deliver

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