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I am so hungry I could eat a whole horse. This is an example of:
a) hyperbole
b) simile
c) metaphor
d) personification

An example of a metaphor:
a) The boy thundered into the room.
b) He is like the sea.
c) The dog drove the car to the store.
d) I have the weirdest brother ever!

An example of a parable:
a) The Boy Who Cried Wolf
b) Frankenstein
c) Dracula
d) The Invisible Man

An example of satire.
a) Saturday Night Live skits
b) Little Red Ridinghood
c) the evening news
d) game shows

Sensory detail uses the five
a) senses
b) fingers
c) literary cues
d) adjectives

A hypernole is:
a) an exaggeration.
b) a comparison of two unlike things.
c) a situation in which something happens that is not expected
d) a story with a moral

An example of personification.
a) The toys began to walk around and speak.
b) Like a thunderstorm, he entered the room.
c) She is the best pumpkin carver in the universe!
d) The repugnant, cool air blanketed the dark, rotting cemetary.

An example of a simile.
a) She was as bright as a lightbulb.
b) The mouse spoke.
c) The man is a lion.
d) Pop quizzes are the worst thing ever!

A pun is
a) a play on words
b) an exaggeration
c) a comparison
d) a vivid image

Imagery is
a) a vivid image created by the text
b) specific word choice
c) a lesson learned
d) a comparison using like or as

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