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What section of an experiment sheet includes the list of instructions for performing the experiment?
a) Procedures
b) Hypothesis
c) Variables
d) Conclusion

What should you do to ensure the results of an experiment are accurate or reliable?
a) Google it
b) Repeat the experiment
c) Perform a different experiment
d) Ask the teacher

What do we call the thing you measure during an experiment?
a) Conclusion
b) Hypothesis
c) Responding variable
d) Manipulated variable

Which section of an experiment sheet tells what the experimenter expected to happen during the experiment?
a) Hypothesis
b) Results
c) Procedures
d) Conclusion

What is the name of the one thing you are changing on purpose during an experiment?
a) Responding variable
b) Hypothesis
c) Conclusion
d) Manipulated variable

Which section of the experiment sheet can be filled out before the experiment is performed?
a) Graph
b) Data
c) Conclusion
d) Hypothesis

Which section of the experiment sheet lists the things you need to perform the experiment?
a) Problem
b) Materials
c) Procedures
d) Variables

Which of the following is a hypothesis?
a) Water the apple seed twice a day.
b) If an apple seed is watered twice a day, it will sprout sooner.
c) Apple seeds need water.
d) How does watering twice a day affect an apple seed?

How many manipulated variables should an experiment have?
a) It depends
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

Which two instructions should be included in the procedures of every experiment?
a) 'Clean up' and 'Record your results'
b) 'Clean up' and 'Store your materials'
c) 'Measure' and 'Record your results'.
d) 'Measure' and 'Respond'

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