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Which of the following is a feature of totalitarian states?
a) people have individual freedom
b) people may form opposition groups
c) government holds free and fair elections
d) government controls industries

The oldest example of democracy was found in
a) Rome
b) England
c) Greece
d) Spain

In a constitutional monarchy
a) a monarch's power is unlimited
b) a monarch's power is limited by the rule of law
c) free elections are required
d) a monarch is democratically elected

A system of government where elected representatives make laws
a) direct democracy
b) constitutional monarchy
c) autocracy
d) republic

A system of government where a small group of people hold all governmental power
a) oligarchy
b) monarchy
c) democracy
d) autocracy

The government makes all economic decisions in this system of government
a) autocracy
b) socialism
c) democracy
d) oligarchy

In an autocracy
a) a small group of people hold all governmental power
b) the people democratically elect their leaders
c) one person holds all governmental power
d) the people vote directly on laws and policy

More than half of a community makes decisions for the rest of the group
a) direct democracy
b) indirect democracy
c) majority rule
d) elections

An example of a socialist country
a) Cuba
b) The United States
c) England
d) Canada

An example of a constitutional monarchy
a) Cuba
b) France
c) England
d) The United States

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