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the science of how the body uses food
a) nutrition
b) oxidation
c) food science
d) nutrients

a circulatory disease resulting from a vitamin C deficiency, causing bleeding gums and weakened blood vessels
a) scurvy
b) leukemia
c) hemophilia
d) anemia

those chemical reactions in which elements combine with oxygen
a) oxidation
b) digestion
c) photosynthesis
d) reduction

process that releases energy when a glucose molecule in a cell is taken apart
a) respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) mitosis
d) ingestion

substances found in food and needed by the body
a) nutrients
b) empty calories
c) DRIs
d) serving size

those nutrients that the body cannot make itself but are needed to build and maintain body tissue
a) essential nutrients
b) antibodies
c) digestive enzymes
d) water

government guidelines for the amount of specific nutrients needed by people of all ages and genders
a) RDAs (recommended daily allowances)
b) specific vitamins
c) essential nutrients
d) nutrition labels

when a food supplies many nutrients and has low to moderate calories
a) nutrient dense
b) nutrition
c) DRIs (daily recommended intake)
d) RDA (recommended daily allowances)

updated recommendations on nutrient intake
a) DRIs (daily recommended intake)
b) daily values
c) FDA (food and drug administration)
d) RDA (recommended daily allowances)

maximum amount (100%) of a nutrient you should have in a day based on a 2000 calorie diet
a) daily value
b) # of calories
c) nutrient density
d) serving size

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