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Two things control if an eruption will be explosive or quiet- the amount of water vapor and _______________________ trapped in the magma and how much ________________ the magma has
a) gas -------- silica
b) gas ----- liquid
c) vapor ---- liquid
d) vapor ------ gas

Basaltic magma produces a __________________ eruption.
a) explosive
b) quiet
c) silent
d) large

A volcanoes form depends on whether it is a result of a ______________________ or _________________________________ eruption and the type of _________________ it is.
a) loud or big -------------- magma
b) quiet or loud --------------- rock
c) quiet or soft ---------------- magma
d) quiet or explosive ------ magma

A ____________ is a steep-walled dip or depression around a volcano.
a) hotspot
b) crater
c) rift zone
d) tephra

If gases are able to escape easily from magma then the eruption will be __________.
a) quiet
b) explosive
c) soft
d) loud

________________ magma explodes violently because pressure builds up.
a) andesitic
b) granitic
c) basaltic
d) none of the above

________________ magma explodes more violently than basaltic magma because it has more silica.
a) andesitic
b) basaltic
c) granitic
d) none

Quiet eruptions of basaltic magma, flat layers, broad volcano, gently sloping sides, formed the Hawaiian Islands- This type of volcano is a_______________________.
a) Basaltic
b) Composite
c) Cinder Cone
d) Shield

xplosive eruptions that throw out rocks and lava known as tephra, steep-sided, loosely packed- This type of volcano is a __________.
a) Basaltic
b) Composite
c) Cinder Cone
d) Shield

Eruptions vary between quiet and explosive, the explosive periods release tephra, the quiet periods release lava, forms alternating layers- This type of volcano is a _____________
a) Basaltic
b) Composite
c) Cinder Cone
d) Shield

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