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What group of American Indians inhabited the region that is now Alaska and northern Canada?
a) Kwakiutl
b) Pueblo
c) Inuit
d) Lakota

What tribe of American Indians inhabited the region that is now northeast North America?
a) Pueblo
b) Inuit
c) Lakota
d) Iroquois

What tribe of American Indians inhabited the Pacific Northwest coast?
a) Pueblo
b) Inuit
c) Lakota
d) Kwakiutl

What area of present-day North America did the Pueblo people inhabit?
a) Virginia and North Carolina
b) New Mexico and Arizona
c) Washington and Oregon
d) Maine and Vermont

What tribe of American Indians inhabited the Great Plains?
a) Inuit
b) Lakota
c) Iroquois
d) Pueblo

What affected how the American Indians met their basic needs?
a) Transportation and military
b) geography and climate
c) maps and globes
d) radio and television

The American Indians were similar in that all of them:
a) lived along rivers
b) lived in the same type of dwellings
c) spoke the same language
d) used their environment to obtain food, clothing, and shelter

What region of North America was inhabited by the Eastern Woodlands Indians?
a) Great Plains
b) Canadian Shield
c) Basin and Range
d) Coastal Plain

Where is the location of one of the oldest archaeological sites in the United States?
a) Shenandoah Park
b) Cactus Hill
c) Cumberland Gap
d) Mount Rogers

American Indians used the resources of sod, stones, animal skins, and trees to make:
a) canoes
b) dishes
c) shelters
d) pottery

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