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Volcanoes form in places where...
a) Plates are moving together
b) All of the above
c) Hotspots
d) Plates move apart

Volcanoes that form on convergent plate boundaries tend to erupt...
a) quietly
b) not at all
c) about the same as all other volcanoes
d) violently

Magma forms when plates slide under each other deep enough to cause the rock to ____________________.
a) explode
b) freeze up
c) melt
d) dry up

Volcanoes explode in a loud way because the magma is under a lot of _________________.
a) pressure
b) volume
c) soil
d) land

Magma that is low in silica is called _____________________ magma.
a) granitic
b) composite
c) basaltic
d) andesitic

Basaltic magma flows from...
a) where plates move apart
c) deep cracks in the Earth’s surface or rift zones
d) hotspots

Granitic magma forms where...
a) plates are moving together
c) deep cracks in the surface
d) hotspots

The Hawaiian Islands formed from a ______________________ volcano.
a) Composite
c) Shield
d) Cinder Cone

Volcanoes are created when ____________________________________ changes cause rocks to melt and form ______________________________.
a) heat and pressure ----- water
c) heat and pressure ----- magma
d) lots of water ------- magma

Some areas are unusually hot. Hot rock at this area is forced towards the crust where it melts and forms a _______________________________.
a) rift zones
b) convergent plate boundaries
c) tephra
d) hotspots

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