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A compound sentence has how many independent clauses?
a) 2
b) 1
c) 0
d) 100

What are the two compound sentence formulas?
a) svsv and ssvsv
b) I,cI and I;I
c) I,I and I;I
d) svsv and sv,csv

A coordinating conjunction is one of the
a) helping verbs
b) linking verbs
c) prepositions

Which sentence is an I,cI sentence?
a) Luigi does not like ghosts, nor does he like goombas.
b) Zelda and Link like to go on adventures.
c) Bowser and his son like conquering and enjoy stealing.
d) Sonic is the fastest hedgehog.

Which sentence is an I;I sentence?
a) He went shopping; and bought things.
b) Together; we will go to France.
c) Ghosts and goblins come out; it's Halloween night!
d) Jack and Jill; went up the hill.

The coordinating conjunction in the sentence: The vampire went inside, for the sun was rising.
a) for
b) the
c) inside
d) went

a) for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
b) from, at, near, behind, over, yonder, sometimes
c) fast, airy, never, bushy, open, yellow, silver
d) for, and, not, but, over, yet, some

The formula for the sentence: The sly fox fought the cat skillfully.
a) sv
b) I,cI
c) svsv
d) I;I

Simple or compound?: After the game, we all went fishing and made a bonfire.
a) simple
b) compound
c) phrase
d) preposition

The sentence with the formula I,cI
a) Zebras are stripped, have tails, and can run fast.
b) George's favorite animal is the zebra; he does not like elephants.
c) Lions often hunt zebras for food.
d) Zebras are related to horses, yet they are different.

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