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Which design principle is illustrated by the font scheme below? Major headings - 14 pt Arial font, Subheadings - 12 pt. Camgria font, Body text - 11pt. Calibri font
a) Repetition/consistency
b) Alignment
c) Proximity/unity
d) Contrast

THe use of black font on a peach colored page is an example of which design principle?
a) Contrast
b) repetition/consistency
c) alignment
d) proximity/unity

A flyer used to advertise the school dance is created in which the location, date, time and cost are centred on the document. This is an example of which design principle?
a) alignment
b) contrast
c) proximity/unity
d) repetition/consistency

Jack carefully placed photographs of the different animals he saw in Yellowstone National Park next to the blocks of text he wrote describing them. This is an example of DP
a) proximity
b) alignment
c) consistency
d) contrast

Which design principle is used to give the reader's eyes a break and focus the reader's attention on important details.
a) contrast
b) proximity
c) white space
d) balance

James will be presenting a slide show to a group of 7th grade students who are studying the solar system. Which characteristics of the target audience is identified by grade level
a) age and educational background
b) interest and age
c) age and interest
d) group membership and educational background

Zack is introducing himself to the local Chamber of Commerce in hopes of attracting new customer. What is the most appropriate publication choice that will provide Zack's info
a) business card
b) brochure
c) letterhead
d) newsletter

Susan was invited to make a presentation to a local Girl Scout troop. Which characteristic of the target audience is identified.
a) group membership
b) age
c) educational background
d) interest

Ramon will be speaking to a group of doctors about a new medical procedure. Which characteristic of the target audience is identified?
a) educational background
b) age
c) interests
d) group membership

Which publication is used to advertise a one-time upcoming event?
a) flyer
b) letterhead
c) newsletter
d) brochure

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