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Running water demonstrates what type of energy?
a) potential
b) electrical
c) elastic
d) kinetic

Which of the following is a true statement about kinetic and potential energy?
a) both potential and kinetic energy are exhibited when an object is not moving.
b) Potential and kinetic energy cannot be transformed from one type to another.
c) Potential energy can be created but potential cannot be.
d) both potential and kinetic energy are alike because they cannot be created or destroyed.

What happens to the potential energy of a roller coaster car as it climbs the first hill?
a) the potential energy decreases
b) The kinetic energy increases
c) the potential energy increases
d) the potential energy and kinetic energy are equal.

Kinetic and potential both relate to:
a) heat
b) electricity
c) light
d) none of the above

If you were to roll a bowling ball and a golf ball, the same speed, down a lane, which object would have more kinetic energy?
a) the golf ball
b) the bowling ball
c) they would have the same
d) none of the above

If you were to use a crane to lift a piano and a chair to the second story of a house, which would have more potential energy as it rises?
a) the chair
b) the piano
c) they would have the same
d) none of the above

What two factors affect potential energy?
a) mass and speed
b) speed and height
c) mass and height
d) none of the above

Which two factors affect kinetic energy?
a) mass and height
b) height and speed
c) speed and mass
d) all of the above

When tossing a tennis ball in the air, when will the tennis ball have the most kinetic energy?
a) at the highest point
b) right after you toss it
c) right before it lands back in your hand (lowest point)
d) somewhere in the middle

When Michael Young hits a homerun, when does his baseball have the highest potential energy?
a) at the top of the arc (highest point)
b) at the bottom of the arc (lowest point)
c) right after its hit by the bat
d) when it lands in the stands.

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