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Where is a magnet the strongest?
a) The poles
b) When they are electrified
c) Magnets are not strong
d) The center

What is the Earth\'s core made of?
a) Molten iron and nickle
b) Molten plastic
c) Magnets
d) Solid steel

How are the atoms arranged in a magnet?
a) They are all lined up in the same direction
b) They are arranged south to south and north to north
c) Magnets do not have atoms
d) The are bouncing around everywhere

Can a magnet only have a North Pole?
a) No, even when magnets are cut in half they still have both poles
b) Yes, when you find a magnet that has a weak charge.
c) No, magnets do not have a North Pole, they have West and East Poles
d) Yes, If you cut off the South pole

Which material are magnets NOT attracted to?
a) iron
b) copper
c) nickle
d) cobalt

Which of the following is NOT a way magnets help us in everyday life?
a) Refrigerator magnets to hand notes and pictures
b) A magnet on a coat hanger to hold on the coat
c) A magnet on a screwdriver to help you not to lose the screw
d) A magnet on an electric can opener holds the lid

Magnetism comes from moving _______________.
a) Protons
b) Borons
c) Electrons
d) Neutrons

Opposites_____________ and Likes ____________.
a) Attract; Repel
b) Are Weak; Are Strong
c) Bounce; Stick
d) Repel; Attract

What are ways some animals, such as dolphins, birds, and honey bees, use the Earth\'s magnetic field?
a) They use the Earth\'s magnetic field to find their way home.
b) They do not use the Earth\'s magnetic field because it is invisible.
c) They use the Earth\'s magnetic field to know where to find food.
d) They use the magnet on their credit card to buy food.

The Earth\'s magnetic field is strongest at the North and South Poles. This causes which natural phenomena to happen?
a) The Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis
b) Night and Day
c) Hurricanes
d) Tornadoes

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