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Which is not a variation on vinaigrette dressing?
a) French dressing
b) Italian dressing
c) Catalina dressing
d) Ranch dressing

How can you limit the amount of fat in your salad dressing?
a) make your own
b) read labels
c) buy reduced-fat and fat-free dressings
d) all of the above

Which greens can you safely eat without washing first?
a) packaged greens labeled "ready to eat"
b) packaged greens labeled "prewashed"
c) greens bought in bulk
d) none of the above

Nicoise salad is an example of which kind of salad?
a) cooked grain
b) combination
c) molded
d) none of the above

What is gelatin made of?
a) long amino acid chains
b) egg whites
c) egg yolks
d) dissolved fats

Why is spinach often gritty?
a) spinach leaves have a rough texture
b) it is caused by enzymatic browning
c) its is caused by rust
d) it grows in sandy conditions

Why is it helpful to soak greens for about ten minutes?
a) to rehydrate their cells and restore crispness
b) to soften their texture
c) to make their bitter flavor more mild
d) all of the above

A salad contains only raw vegetables
a) True
b) False
c) -------
d) -------

To prevent enzymatic browning, cut greens with a metal knife.
a) True
b) False
c) -------
d) -------

When preparing a mayonnaise recipe, cooking the egg mixture before adding the oil can prevent salmonella poisoning.
a) True
b) False
c) -------
d) -------

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