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Where did tabbouleh salad originate?
a) Spain
b) India
c) the Middle East
d) Greece

Which is not an example of a vegetable salad?
a) potato salad
b) cole slaw
c) ambrosia salad
d) ceasar salad

______________are small pieces of bread made crisp by baking.
a) crisp
b) vinaigrette
c) croutons
d) arranged

A(n) _______________ is a mixture of oil, vinegar or lemon juice, and seasonings.
a) vinaigrette
b) arranged
c) package
d) croutons

A(n) _________________ salad has ingredients placed in an attractive pattern.
a) arranged
b) croutons
c) crisp
d) packaged

At the supermarket, greens may be sold in bulk or in a _______________.
a) package
b) croutons
c) crisp
d) arranged

Which fruits would you avoid using a molded fruit salad?
a) fresh pineapples
b) none of the above
c) bananas
d) fresh blueberries

Which is not a way to serve a salad?
a) tossed
b) none of the above
c) arranged
d) layered

How is dressing applied to potato salad and chicken salad?
a) it is added just before serving
b) it is served on the side
c) it is mixed in when the salad is prepared
d) it is drizzled on top

Which would not be the basis of a dairy dressing?
a) sour cream
b) buttermilk
c) vinegar
d) yogurt

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