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An independent clause is a
a) simple sentence
b) preposition
c) infinitive
d) compound sentence

Complete sentences must have a subject, a capital letter, make sense, have punctuation, and ...
a) a preposition
b) a noun
c) a verb
d) an adjective

The four simple sentence formulas are:
a) sv, ssv, svsv, svvp
b) sv, svv, ssv, ssvv
c) svsv, ssvsvv, svvp, svip
d) Isv, svv, svsv, ssvv

What is the formula for the sentence- Bowser and Mario are not friends.
a) sv
b) ssv
c) ssvv
d) svv

The formula for the sentence- The fiesty plumber always saves the Princess then eats spaghetti.
a) svv
b) sv
c) ssvv
d) ssv

The formula for the sentence- You should go to the park to run.
a) sv
b) svv
c) ssv
d) ssvv

The formula for the sentence- The willfull wizard and the cowardly cat flew through the town on a rickety broomstick but never crashed.
a) ssvv
b) sv
c) ssv
d) svv

What is the entire verb in the sentence- I will have been gone by then, skating on the lake.
a) will have been gone
b) will
c) skating
d) have been

Which sentence has the formula svv?
a) The dog ran in the park barking all the way.
b) Marjane and her mother are similar.
c) Fleur went to the store with Emily but left alone.
d) Ginger and cinnamon are both spices.

Which sentence has the formula- ssvv
a) Heidi and Jocelyn like too cook.
b) Arthur and Jillian always sing and dance on Tuesdays.
c) Alicia Keys is Jules' favorite singer.
d) The monster could not be found by Victor.

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