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The Lusitania was sunk by a
a) German S boat
b) Russian submarine
c) German U boat
d) French cruse ship

On July 28, 1914, Austira-Hungry delcared war on Serbia because
a) A Serbian assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife
b) A Serbian crossed the English Channel
c) Serbia invaded France
d) Serbia agreeded to make a truce with Germany

An alliance is formed when
a) Countries decide to have one religion
b) two or three small countries want to unite under one ruler
c) two or more countries agree to fight each other
d) two or more countries agree to help each other

On November 11, 1918
a) World War I began
b) World War I ended
c) the United States joined the Allies
d) Germany invaded France

President Woodrow Wilson told Congress that he wanted to
a) write poems to encourage the soldiers
b) go to Europe and fight the central powers himself
c) end World War I
d) make the world safe for democracy

Which of the following was not a weapon used in World War I ?
a) The Atomic Bomb
b) The machine gun
c) A submarine
d) Mustard gas

Part of the Schlieffen Plan was for Germany to quickly attack and capture
a) Serbia
b) France
c) Russia
d) Austria-Hungry

A well-known American hero who was given the Congressional Medal of Honor was
a) Archduke Francis Ferdinand
b) General Eisenhower
c) Alvin York
d) President Woodrow Wilson

What treaty was signed at the Hall of Mirrors?
a) German Treaty
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) an armistice

German leaders met with General Foch in Compiegne Forest to
a) repair damages
b) sign an armistice
c) declare war
d) assassinate Archduke Francis Ferdinand

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