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What is a major characteristic for Porifera (sponges)?
a) they are mobile
b) they are filter feeders
c) they have radial symmetry
d) they have bilateral symmetry

Which is a major characteristic for Cnidaria?
a) segmented body
b) bilateral symmetry
c) have a shell
d) stinging cells

Which of the following is not a characteristic of all Mollusca?
a) Have 1 or more shells
b) Have a body cavity with organs
c) Have a mouth with a radula
d) Have bilateral symmetry

Which of the following is not an example of an Echinoderm?
a) sea cucumber
b) sea urchin
c) sea anemone
d) sea urchin

Which of the following traits are found in Annelids?
a) flat bodies with eyespots
b) segmented bodies with setae
c) have 6 legs
d) radial symmetry

Which of the following is an example of the phylum Platyhelminthyes ?
a) anemone
b) crab
c) earthworm
d) flatworm

Which of the following is not an Arthopod characteristic?
a) radial symmetry
b) bilateral symmetry
c) jointed appendages
d) segmented bodies

Which animal phyla is the most advanced?
a) Arthropoda
b) Mollusca
c) Chordata
d) Porifera

Which of the following are not all classified in the phylum Chordata?
a) human, bird, tunicate
b) snake, spider, cat
c) horse, fish, frog
d) clownfish, lamprey, shark,

Which phyla have radial symmetry?
a) Chordata and Annelids
b) Platyhelminthes and Mollusca
c) Mollusca and Echinodernata
d) Cnidaria and Echinodermata

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