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What word means to get revenge or pay back?
a) retaliate
b) eliminate
c) frail
d) exhausted

What word means to reach a decision or decide?
a) scowled
b) collapse
c) resolve
d) endurance

What word means to change in composition or structure?
a) pathetic
b) despite
c) inquire
d) transformed

What word means fragile?
a) massive
b) frail
c) retaliate
d) abandoned

What word means the ability to withstand hardship?
a) endurance
b) menacing
c) rummage
d) imitate

What word means to fall or shrink together abruptly?
a) transformed
b) exhausted
c) collapse
d) intact

What word means the intent to harm?
a) mocking
b) menacing
c) wavering
d) dainty

What word means in spite of?
a) despite
b) hoisting
c) torment
d) resolved

What word means tired?
a) menacing
b) pathetic
c) exhausted
d) humilate

What word means intentionally?
a) confront
b) unbearable
c) frantic
d) deliberately

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