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What is the correct order for the 5 layers of the atmosphere, starting with the lowest layer?
a) stratosphere, exosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, troposphere
b) troposphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere, exosphere
c) thermosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, troposphere, exosphere
d) troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere

What is in the stratosphere and one molecule of it is made up of 3 oxygen atoms? It absorbs UV radiation.
a) ozone layer
b) x-ray layer
c) microwave layer
d) heat layer

What is the process in which warm air rises, then cools, then sinks, then gets warm again and the process starts over?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) advection

As air pressure decreases, we can expect warmer weather. Why?
a) Because when air pressure decreases, the particles hit each other more often, therefore increasing the temperature.
b) A higher temperature means the particles are moving slower and therefore under lower pressure.
c) A higher temperature means the particles are moving faster,more spread out,less dense,and therefore under low pressure.
d) A higher temperature means the particles are closer together and therefore under lower pressure.

If you walk on hot sand, the heat is transferred from the sand to your feet through what process?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) absorption

A greenhouse gas
a) is oxygen.
b) releases thermal energy (heat).
c) traps thermal energy (heat).
d) is water vapor

The Clean Air Act of 1970 created the
a) Earth Production Agency
b) Earth Protection Agency
c) Environmental Protection Agency
d) Environmental Production Agency

What are pollutants that are put directly in our atmosphere?
a) direct
b) primary
c) main
d) secondary

This is the layer of the atmosphere were we live. It is also the densest layer.
a) stratosphere
b) troposphere
c) thermosphere
d) ionosphere

As you go higher in the thermosphere, what happens to the temperature?
a) it increases
b) it decreases
c) it stays the same
d) it gets colder

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