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Remain or stay in place
a) Lingered
b) Poised
c) Teeming
d) Peril

a) Grated
b) Fondly
c) Flapjack
d) Alien

a) Earnestly
b) Illiterates
c) Roust
d) Fleeting

Uncivilized person (without culture or education)
a) Poised
b) Barbarian
c) Lingered
d) Ordeal

Those who do not know how to read or write
a) Poised
b) Constable
c) Searing
d) Illiterates

a) Searing
b) Fondly
c) Constable
d) Alien

A severely difficult experience
a) Ordeal
b) Teeming
c) Cahoots
d) Strewn

Stirred or drove out; brought out of sleep
a) Fondly
b) Roust
c) Ordeal
d) Persisted

a) Strewn
b) Grated
c) Peril
d) Gander

Rub against
a) Grated
b) Lingered
c) Barbarian
d) Fondly

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