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A ______ is a set of instructions that a computer uses to accomplish a task, such as word processing
a) file
b) command
c) icon
d) program

A ______________ is a collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name.
a) section
b) document
c) file
d) catalog

The right side of the Taskbar is known as the ___________ area and is sometimes regerred to as the system tray.
a) trouble
b) notification
c) message
d) active program

The screen that appears after Windows starts up and you sign on is known as the
a) desktop
b) applicaiton indicator
c) work zone
d) program initiator

Program instructions and data are divided into fixed sized units called
a) packets
b) blocks
c) pages
d) batches

Information stored in a computer's RAM is ______________.
a) temporary
b) non-volatile
c) slower than secondary memory
d) permanent

Which item is not part of the IPOS cycle?
a) information
b) processing
c) output
d) storage

___________ software controls all devices and operations completed by a computer.
a) Major
b) System
c) Application
d) Program

A monitor is classified as an__________________
a) input device
b) output device
c) integral part of every computer
d) processing device

In the address bar, the ____________ which is the sequence of folders that lead to the current file of folder location is indicated
a) path
b) description
c) cycle
d) address

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