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Why did the U.S. soldiers and Indians fight?
a) The Plains Indians did not like buffalo.
b) The Plains Indians DID NOT want to live on reservations.
c) The Plains Indians WANTED to live on reservations.

Why didn't the Plains Indians want to move to the U.S. government reservations?
a) Reservations were big and too close to the river.
b) Reservations were too small and far from the lands American Indians hunted on and called home.
c) Reservations had too many buffalo and the indians did not like hunting buffalo.

Buffalo were important to the Great Plains Indians because...
a) They used the meat, skin, bones, & other parts to provide most of what they needed.
b) They rode on them to get to places faster.
c) They loved having them as pets and they were very pretty to look at.

At one time millions of buffalo lived on the Great Plains, why did they nearly become extinct?
a) They all moved to California to live on the beaches.
b) Wagon trails and railroad tracks cut across their habitat, disease from cattle, sport shooting
c) The Indians hid the buffalo from the settlers.

What does assimilate mean?
a) Keeping a group's culture the same.
b) Changing a group's culture & traditions so that it blends with a larger group.

How did the U.S. government try to assimilate the Indians?
a) Make religious practices illegal, children could not speak their native language in school.
b) Fed the Indians a free dinner once a month.
c) Gathered all the Indians together to talk.

What did the Dawes Act do?
a) Make American Indians become hunters.
b) Make American Indians become fishers.
c) Make American Indians become farmers.

What are 3 reasons the cattle drives disappeared?
a) Invention of barbed wire, growth of railroad, too many cattle grazed on cattle ranges.
b) The cowhands were tired of driving cattle.
c) The Indians took over the cattle drives.

Plains Indians depended on ______ for food, but settlement on the Great Plains destroyed buffalo herds.
a) crops
b) cattle
c) buffalo

The federal government gave settlers the land promised to _________.
a) Plains Indians
b) railheads
c) ranchers

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