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Why did cattle ranchers send their cattle to the North and East?
a) Homestead Act
b) supply and demand - to make more money
c) free land

SUPPLY is the amount of something that people want to ______ at certain prices.
a) buy
b) sell
c) keep

DEMAND is the amount of something that people want to ______ at certain prices.
a) buy
b) sell
c) keep

How did the invention of barbed wire change the life of cattle ranchers?
a) It blocked cattle trails that crossed the Great Plains.
b) It was very pretty to look at.
c) It was fun to climb over.

What is a railhead?
a) Someone who's head looks like a railroad track.
b) A town where railroad tracks begin or end.
c) A market for buying and selling trains.

Cowhands led cattle to railroads, where the cattle were...
a) excited to ride on the train.
b) given away.
c) shipped to eastern and northern cities.

How many major cattle trails were there?
a) five
b) six
c) two

Cattle ranchers sent their herds on long cattle drives to ______ so that the cattle could be shipped to the East and North.
a) California
b) grassy land
c) railheads

The cowhands drove the cattle beginning in _________ and traveling north to the railheads.
a) Georgia
b) Texas
c) Kansas

BONUS! Who were the first cowhands of America.
a) Mr. Potato Head
b) Mexican vaqueros.
c) Abraham Lincoln

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